Mail Ballot Voting and Expanded Early Voting for November General Election

Many voters are concerned about the 2020 Election, with good reason.

Make sure your voter registration is up to date by following this link - My Voter Page.


Below are some resources and information to assist voters in casting your vote this election.

Due to previously mail distribution center closings in Montana (for ex. mail in Helena goes to Great Falls, then back again; Bozeman's mail goes to Billings, then back.), we recommend that you fill out your mail-in ballots, drop them off directly at your county election offices (link below), to ensure ballot receipt. If you can't drop it off, please fill out and mail back immediately.


On the 6th of August, due to COVID19, "Governor Steve Bullock today issued a directive to ensure all eligible Montanans can safely vote in the 2020 November general election by allowing counties to expand voting by mail and early voting. Whether or not they provide mail ballots, all counties will be required to offer in person voting opportunities and take precautions to ensure Montanans have the option to register or vote safely.

The CDC has recognized that in person voting on election day increases the risk of transmitting COVID-19, and has urged states to use voting methods that reduce crowd size. Many Montana election workers are over the age of 60 and are often in close proximity to each other, large crowds, and interact with paper, pens, and other items that could be infected and exchanged frequently."

Governor Bullock’s Directive contains three central components:

  • Counties may choose to send mail ballots and expand early voting for the November 3, 2020 general election.
  • Counties are encouraged to publicize available options and to work with nonprofit organizations to ensure that all Montanans will have access to a ballot, whether in person, early, or by mail.
  • All counties must establish, implement, and enforce social distancing policies at polling locations, designated drop-off locations, or other public-facing portions of facilities involved in voting.

Please check with your county elections office to find out your specific details.

If voting in person, please make sure to wear a mask for your and others' safety.

Trump campaign sues Montana governor to halt mail ballots

"Calling Gov. Steve Bullock’s August directive permitting counties to hold the Nov. 3 election via mail ballot illegal, President Donald Trump’s campaign and three other Republican groups sued Bullock on Wednesday seeking to overturn it.

The suit filed in U.S. District Court in Helena by Trump’s campaign, the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Montana Republican State Central Committee also names Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton, a Republican."


County Election Offices Information PDF

PDF includes address and contact information for each county office.


USPS Mail Ballot Issues:

Most Montana counties opt for mail ballot

"Audrey McCue, elections supervisor for Lewis and Clark County, sent an informal survey to all 56 counties. As of last week, 52 had responded, with only 10 opting for poll elections."


Some mail sorters, drop-boxes removed in Montana

"Sources told MTN News that high-speed sorters, that can sort up to 30,000 pieces of mail in an hour, have been removed this summer in Great Falls and Billings, and that smaller mail sorters have been taken out in Great Falls, Billings and Missoula.

It’s unclear how many blue U.S. mail drop-boxes have been removed in Montana, although Tester’s office said it had reports that as many as 65 had been removed or slated for removal, including 30 in Billings and 18 in Missoula."

David C.W. Parker, a political scientist at MSU, began analyzing the mailbox removals, compared to 2018 vote in the precincts and noticed a pattern. "In all but ONE location, the Dem vote for Senate was > (greater) for the precinct than the county percentage."


Montana Progressive Voters, please network trusted, accurate election information in your communities, when posting on social media. 


Thank you for participating in our democracy.

Kathryn QannaYahu

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