Slide10.PNGThe Montana Progressive Democrats was officially recognized as a partner organization of the Montana Democratic Party (MDP) in the fall of 2016, after a presentation to the Executive Board of the MDP.

The slides from the presentation detailed the goals and mission of MTDP.

Though an incomplete list, below are those who were Founders, Advisors, and Activists who helped this organization grow and become recognized as a partner organization. Let us know if there is someone who needs to be recognized on this page.

Founders, Advisors and Activists
Jean Dahlman, Montana Democratic National Committeewoman
Sue Tarpey, MTPD Recognition Team Leader (Founding board member)


Rep. Amanda Curtis, Progressive Caucus

Rep. Jessica Karjala, Progressive Caucus

Rep. Tom Woods, Progressive Caucus

Andy Boyd, Delegate to DNC 2016 (Founding board member)

Jennifer Merecki, Delegate to DNC 2016 (Founding board member)

Ben Darrow, Montana DNC Rules Committee member

Bill Geer, Delegate to DNC 2016

Donavon Hawk, Delegate to DNC 2016

Steve Wells, Delegate to DNC 2016

Mary Borchard

Pete Talbot (Founding board member)

Linda Gillison (Founding board member)

Barb Merrifield (Founding board member)

Elizabeth Marum

Ken Toole

Kelly Kortum

Jared Sylvia

Hilary Parker

Jan Strout



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