“There is a lot of sentiment that enough is enough, that we need fundamental changes, that the establishment – whether it is the economic establishment, the political establishment, or the media establishment – is failing the American people.“  -Senator Bernie Sanders

Montana Progressive Democrats is a recognized partner organization of the Montana Democratic Party.  We are a grassroots activist organization made up of Organizers and Activists dedicated to revolutionizing the Democratic Party and bringing economic, political, racial and social justice to all Montanans.As they say in the lottery business, you can’t win if you don’t play. The same is true in politics.Our purpose, as outlined in our Bylaws, is as follows:

  1. To recruit, support and endorse Progressive candidates for local, statewide and federal office.
  2. To ensure Progressives in Montana have a more effective voice within the Montana Democratic Party and to strengthen the relationship between Progressives and the Party.
  3. To especially involve young, enthusiastic Democrats who have become active in Progressive campaigns and issues, and to continue outreach to all Montana Progressives throughout the state.
  4. To effect policy change through grassroots activism in order to promote progressive issues and ideals.

Local member organizers can use this site to connect, create and promote events, and implement the plan for revolutionary change through Big Organizing at the local level.  Sign up today to volunteer, and be sure to check out your local Democratic party and progressive groups.Please sign up to volunteer!