MT Progressive Democrats has big plans for the upcoming Legislative session and we need you to be a part of it. The Legislative Progressive Caucus is being organized by Rep. Jessica Karjala, Rep. Andrea Olsen and Rep. Tom Woods. We are partnering with them to create a "Rapid Response Group" that will assist them throughout the session.

Join a Team Here: http://bit.ly/MTPDRapResp

Our goal is to work cohesively to assist the Progressive Caucus in passing Legislation that will work for the People and create a dignified and equalized existence for all Montanans to thrive in. We are forming these teams:  

  1. Communications Team (3-4 people) Will be responsible for being the go between with the Progressive Caucus Legislators and the rest of the Rapid Response team, ensuring messages are relayed quickly (sometimes instantly) and alerts are received by the proper team. Communications will be made using Slack (an efficient and easy to use messaging app) and texting. Must be proficient with technology and have a flexible schedule.
  2. Research Team (5-7 people) The research team will be responsible for doing research for the Progressive Caucus members, the Legislative Watch team and the entire Rapid Response group with your first priority to the Legislators: Skills 'needed include research, writing and communication. Must have time to dedicate to the position and ·be available to provide-quick, almost instant at times, feedback to the Legislators who may need research while sitting in a session.
  3. Story Telling and Lobbying team (6-10 people) This team will be responsible for organizing and preparing an army for lobbying, testifying, story-telling and generally showing up in Helena to back up the Progressive Caucus, lobby for an issue or testify before a committee, and gather stories and training citizens to tell their "story of self." Skills needed include communications and people skills.
  4. Legislative Watch Team (4 people) This team will learn to be proficient at navigating the new Legislative website, knowing what bills are being presented, what the committees are up to and reporting back to the entire group what needs paying attention to and any calls to action that should be made. They will communicate via the Communications Team. Skills needed are proficiency using a computer and an understanding of how the MT Legislature works.

We will be communicating via Slack, a messaging application, and through texting to ensure the most effective communications possible. We will also meet in person in Helena throughout the session.

To get involved go to: http://bit.ly/MTPDRapResp

Contact:          MTProgressivedems@gmail.com

Sue Tarpey: (406) 581-9481 or Barb Merrifield: (206) 890-7207

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